Woman Allegedly Kills Her 5th Husband

48-year-old Sarah Hartsfield, a former US Army sergeant, is in the Chambers County Jail following accusations of murdering her fifth husband, Joseph Hartsfield.

Authorities have determined Joseph was injected with deadly insulin levels and that his wife delayed calling for help until it was too late.

Hartsfield’s insulin levels were tremendously high for several hours preceding his wife activating for help in January. His glucose monitor gave off a warning before Sarah took any action.

This new incident follows nearly five years after she killed her then ex-fiance, David Bragg, claiming to have done so in self-defense.

Sarah has a long rap sheet full of legal trouble. In March 1996, she was accused of assaulting her second husband, Michael Traxler, at their shared Rio Bonito house. Though she remained detained for a week, the charges were later denied.

Later on, she was up for trial due to the death of David Bragg in 2018. Then Minnesota investigators uncovered enough evidence to reopen the case and enforce justice.

Her first husband, Titus Knoernschild, expressed relief in her ultimate capture, saying, “I am glad she has finally been caught for who she is. I’m just sorry another person had to die to get her caught”.

Her son from her third marriage, Ryan Donohue, expressed his prior knowledge of her behaviors, confessing he anticipated her downfalls.

Sarah Hartsfield remains detained in Chambers County Jail. She has pleaded not guilty to murder. She is being held on a $4.5 million bond.

Authorities are re-examining the two prior cases tied to her.