Woman Attacked and Raped While Feeding Her Baby in Park

Tragedy struck Nashville, Tennessee, on Thursday as a mother was viciously assaulted while feeding her baby in a public park. 24-year-old Ryean Floyd had been meeting with the victim to see their shared one-year-old child, and the pair had not seen each other in over a year. Floyd allegedly plummeted upon her while the mother was tending to her infant. He sexually assaulted her for five minutes, all while the baby yelled in the background.

Police arrested Floyd on Friday and issued him multiple felonies; aggravated rape causing bodily injury and aggravated kidnapping for the horrific crime. He is being held at the Metro Nashville jail on a $65,000 bond, with the next court appearance set for June 12th.

The report has caused an uproar in the city. It is prompting individuals to take proper measures when attending public places. Monique Becker, a mother who often takes her child to the same park, discussed with WSMV the steps she takes to protect herself and her youngin’ when entering a situation like a park. “I lock my doors and stay alert – keep an eye on who is around me and don’t allow them to get too close. I look behind me and come up with a plan in case mine and my child’s safety is threatened.”

This appalling attack serves as a reminder of the necessity for being aware of one’s circumstances and potential risk, but also as a career of the importance of justice after such travesties. Unfortunately, the victim in the case faces a long, longer, and trying road to recovery, and it is critical that she is provided support and that her offender is punished accordingly.