Woman Bodybuilder Dies at 36

Curitiba, Brazil – The bodybuilding community in Brazil is grappling with the tragic loss of Cintia Goldani, a renowned figure athlete who recently passed away at the young age of 36 due to complications from pneumonia. Goldani’s impact on the world of competitive bodybuilding was significant, and her untimely death has left a void that will be deeply felt.

Aside from her prowess as a competitor, Goldani also played a prominent role as a presenter in the “Figure” category of the female bodybuilding competition organized by Musclecontest International. With her absence, the upcoming event scheduled for July 20-21 in Curitiba will undoubtedly feel a palpable void. Additionally, the larger Brazilian Muscle Contest International event, which serves as a qualifying event for professional and Olympia competitions, is also set to take place on the same dates.

Goldani’s dedication to the sport and her undoubted skill were evident in her performance at the Brazilian competition last year, where she secured the 10th place in the “Figure” category, according to BarBend. However, her influence extended beyond her own success, as she ran a coaching service aimed at helping other female bodybuilders perfect their poses and enhance their performance.

With her engaging social media presence, Goldani regularly shared updates about her training and events she endorsed. Just a few weeks before her passing, she posted a video on her personal Instagram account, demonstrating her cable lateral raises. She also promoted an amateur bodybuilding event scheduled for October 12 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

In the wake of Goldani’s tragic passing, her partner, Gustavo Cesar GC, took to his Instagram account to pay tribute to her. He remembered her as a vibrant soul full of positive energy and described her as the best person he had ever met. Expressing profound gratitude for all she had done for him, he affirmed that he would remember her every day.

Goldani’s loss is more than a personal tragedy; it is also a significant blow to the bodybuilding community. Her dedication to the sport, her commitment to coaching, and her infectious energy will be sorely missed. Her legacy will continue to inspire all those who had the privilege to know her and those who drew inspiration from afar.