Woman Brutally Murders Mother, Cuts Out Her Heart

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – A Florida woman has been taken into custody after a disturbing incident unfolded at her residence. Earleen Tucker, 58, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with premeditated homicide after police discovered her outside her home, naked, with a human organ in her possession. Startlingly, it was later revealed that the organ was her own mother’s heart.

According to a probable cause affidavit, authorities from the Tallahassee Police Department arrived at the scene and found Tucker without any clothes on. Upon escorting her inside the house, officers stumbled upon what appeared to be a human organ on the floor. The investigation took a sinister turn when they discovered the deceased body of Tucker’s mother, Lucille Tucker, in a nearby room. The affidavit notes that Lucille had sustained chest trauma consistent with an evisceration of the heart.

Earleen Tucker was promptly taken into custody and is currently being held without bond, according to online court records. Troubling details emerged during her time at the police station, as she allegedly made several comments about killing her mother. In the affidavit, she mentioned how her mother mistreated her due to her skin color, claiming that her motives for cutting out the heart were to “inspect it.”

The affidavit further reveals Earleen Tucker’s unsettling assertion that she would only speak with a Black officer, highlighting her refusal to relinquish “power and control” to a person of another race. Despite family members indicating that Earleen had a history of mental health issues, it is unclear what factors contributed to this tragic event.

As the investigation continues, Tucker has entered a plea of not guilty, leaving her fate in the hands of the legal system. The chilling account sheds light on the complexities and possible underlying issues within this deeply disturbing case.