Woman Declared Dead in Brazil Hospital Found Alive in Morgue

Sao Jose, Brazil – A crematorium worker in Brazil received an unimaginable shock when he discovered that a 90-year-old woman, who had been pronounced dead, was still alive. The distressing incident occurred at São José Regional Hospital early Sunday morning, just hours after hospital staff had declared Norma Silveira da Silva deceased.

The article reports that Silva had been admitted to the hospital in critical condition and unconscious due to a liver problem. Pereira, Silva’s caretaker and friend, shared that the elderly woman managed to open an eye and recognize her presence before being mistakenly declared dead.

Pereira revealed that Silva’s body was hastily sent to the morgue, depriving her loved ones of the opportunity to say their final goodbyes. The crematorium worker, who arrived to collect the body, made the shocking discovery that Silva was still alive. However, she was unfortunately confirmed dead on Monday morning.

The incident has sparked outrage, with the patient’s family planning to take legal action against the hospital for the alleged negligence. The state Department of Health has launched an investigation into the matter.

It remains unclear whether the lack of timely medical treatment or an underlying condition contributed to Silva’s death. A new death certificate listed “septic shock” as the cause of death.