Woman Falls to Her Death During University Graduation Ceremony

Columbus, Ohio – A tragic incident unfolded at Ohio State University’s graduation ceremony on Sunday when an individual fell from the stadium stands and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ben Johnson, the university’s spokesperson, confirmed the incident, stating, “An individual fell from the stands. They are deceased.” Johnson added that police and emergency responders were present at the scene. The university is prepared to offer counseling and support resources to those affected by the incident.

The individual has been identified as Larissa Brady, 53, who fell near the Bell Tower of the Ohio State football stadium and was pronounced dead at 12:25 p.m, the coroner’s office confirmed. An Ohio State spokesperson stated that Brady was a family member of one of the graduates.

Witnesses at the scene revealed that the fall happened as the last of the graduates were passing by the area. Some students who were present during the unfortunate event were visibly upset.

Despite the tragedy, the graduation ceremony, which began at noon, proceeded without interruption. The commencement speakers did not address the incident during their speeches.

As the ceremony concluded, students were seen leaving the venue and walking past the cordoned-off area where the incident took place. The area remained marked off with yellow police tape as a solemn reminder of the tragedy that unfolded earlier.

Although Columbus police have reported that the fall was not accidental, the cause of death has yet to be released by the coroner’s office. This determination may shed light on whether the incident was a result of suicide.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and authorities continue to piece together what happened. Ohio State University has not released any additional details regarding the incident.