Woman Fatally Stabbed at Bible Study Group

On Tuesday, the Saint Paul community was rocked by the violent death of a beloved mother, Corrina Woodhull.

According to reports, Woodhull was stabbed 20 times in the torso, chest, and arms by her estranged husband, Robert Castillo – a man with eight prior felony convictions.

The violent attack allegedly happened during a bible study group in a Saint Paul home at about 9 pm.

Witnesses of the tragedy say that Castillo whispered something in Woodhull’s ear before exhibiting what they described as a cobra-like attack. And the brutal assault was seemingly over in seconds.

The autopsy conducted by the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s office showed that Victoria Woodhull had suffered a fatal stab wound to her left chest, as well as other blunt force injuries to her face, chest, and upper limbs.

The criminal complaint obtained by Fox News detailed a tragic story of a woman in recovery from depression and substance use disorder.

Woodhull overcame her struggles to become an active advocate for those who have gone through similar experiences, dedicating her time to many nonprofits, charities, and ministries. Friends and family describe her as having an unmatched passion for the Lord and an enthusiasm to help others.

Woodhull’s death is an unfortunate reminder of the epidemic of domestic violence and its devastating effects on innocent victims and their communities.