Woman Found Brutally Murdered Next to Dumpster

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A man has been arrested after allegedly shooting his girlfriend and attempting to dispose of her body in a dumpster before ultimately leaving her next to it. The incident took place in Millcreek, Utah, and police have stated that it is the result of a long history of violent domestic violence between the suspect, Fred Jason Edwards, 46, and the victim, Esperanza Chavez, 25.

According to authorities, officers received a call in the early hours of Saturday morning regarding a body discovered near a dumpster. Upon arrival, they found Chavez deceased at the scene. Surveillance footage from a nearby business provided crucial evidence, showing Edwards arriving in a black truck and attempting to dispose of the body.

Law enforcement was able to identify the suspect through the truck’s license plate and discovered that Edwards was at the University of Utah hospital, seeking evaluation. He was subsequently taken into custody and will face charges of murder.

During an interview, Edwards denied any involvement in Chavez’s death, despite police presenting him with the surveillance footage that contradicted his claims.

Police have reminded individuals in domestic violence situations that help is available. They have urged those in need to reach out to the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition for support. The investigation into the tragic death of Esperanza Chavez is ongoing.