Woman Gives Birth in Her Sleep

(TheDailyHorn.com) – There are few things as special or precious in life as a newborn baby. They fill the hearts of all who come into contact with them. But before that little bundle of joy gets held for the first time, mom and baby need to go through the process of birth, first. You won’t believe THIS story about how one Canadian mother did exactly that.

Mom Gives Birth While Sleeping

Amy Dunbar shared her unique story via a video on TikTok. Like anyone who experienced 12 straight hours of labor, Amy quickly became exhausted. She then received an epidural to ease her pain, and hopefully, enable her to get some much-needed rest.

Amy wasn’t asleep long when a nurse woke her up out of concern that the staff couldn’t hear the baby’s heartbeat over the monitor. Apparently, she had a massive contraction in her sleep and never felt a thing. Not overly alarmed, the nurse asked the mom-to-be to turn over so she could better locate the baby’s heartbeat.

Amy followed the nurse’s directions. She immediately knew something was happening, but she couldn’t quite figure out what.

Low and behold, there was the new mom’s baby girl laying on the bed sheet. That massive contraction was the baby delivering herself without any of mom’s help.

In a separate video, Amy added that, after discovering her new bundle of love, some initial concern left the new mother distraught. Doctors and nurses ran into the room as her father yelled for help upon finding the baby among the sheets.

And now, for the most spectacular news of all: the infant’s medical team gave the sweet newborn a clean bill of health. Mom finally got to hold her newborn infant for the first time.

Some women give birth naturally at home, while others prefer the comfort and safety of a hospital setting. Still, others prefer to give birth in the water. Truthfully, no one option will ever be right for every mom and baby, because every pair is unique and labor can change from one minute to the next. What is certain, however, is the fact that nearly all new parents can appreciate a quick and easy labor just like this one.

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