Woman Goes on Violent Rampage, Sets Tinder Date on Fire

MIAMI, FLORIDA: A Miami woman is facing serious felony charges after allegedly setting her Tinder date and his car on fire in a disturbing incident that unfolded on November 25.

The accused, identified as Destiny Lenai Johnson, met her date in person just once after connecting on the popular dating app, Tinder. According to an arrest report Johnson messaged the man at 5 a.m., asking him to meet her at her hotel. However, things quickly took a turn for the worse when she asked him for money and became enraged by his response. She then proceeded to pour what smelled like gasoline on the passenger’s seat before igniting it with a lighter.

Johnson is now facing charges of aggravated battery, attempted murder, and arson, which were filed against her on Monday. As of now, she is being held in a Miami-Dade county jail.

According to the arrest report, Johnson claimed to the police at the scene that she was being trafficked and had been asked to perform sexual acts for money, which she refused. She then allegedly retaliated by pouring gas in the man’s car and setting it on fire.

The man involved in the incident stated that Johnson approached his car outside a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in southwest Miami carrying a gallon jug filled with a yellow liquid. He recounted that she requested money to fix her own vehicle, which led to an argument.

Despite his reservations, he gave her $60 for assistance. However, Johnson’s mood suddenly shifted, and she accused the man of conspiring against her. In a shocking turn of events, she then poured the contents of the jug onto the passenger seat. When the man tried to push it out, he unintentionally got himself and Johnson covered in the flammable liquid. Johnson proceeded to ignite the liquid with a lighter, causing a blaze.

During the chaos, the man rolled onto the ground to put out the fire and pulled out a gun. Johnson fled the scene, and the car eventually exploded in flames. Seeking help, the man approached the hotel front desk. A few hours later, a call was made from less than a mile away about a naked woman with burns who claimed responsibility for the vehicle explosion.

Both the man and Johnson were treated for burns at a nearby hospital. The investigation into this alarming incident is ongoing, and authorities are working to gather all the details surrounding the case.