Woman Killed in Rare Grizzly Bear Attack

A woman was fatally attacked by a grizzly bear near Yellowstone National Park, Montana officials confirmed on Monday. The woman’s body was discovered by a hiker on a trail approximately eight miles from West Yellowstone early Saturday morning, according to a statement from Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The woman’s body was identified as Amie Adamson. A 48-year-old woman from Derby, Kansas.

Upon investigation, bear specialists and game wardens found evidence suggesting a bear attack. The woman’s injuries were consistent with such an attack, and tracks from an adult grizzly bear and at least one cub were found near the site. However, no bears or animal carcasses were observed during the investigation. It is believed that the woman was alone at the time of the encounter, and no bear spray or firearms were found at the scene.

The incident is under joint investigation by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The tragic incident occurred the same week that Montana game wardens warned about bear sightings. According to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, there have been sightings of grizzly bears in areas where they haven’t been seen in recent years, and in some cases, over a century, as reported by KECI-TV.

Despite the recent incident, bear attacks remain a rare occurrence. Since Yellowstone National Park’s establishment in 1872, only eight people have been killed by bears within the park. However, Montana has seen a slight increase in fatal bear attacks, with seven fatalities involving brown and black bears since 2010, including four since 2021.

This incident marks the second fatal bear attack in the U.S. this year. Last month, a 66-year-old man named Steven Jackson was killed in Arizona by a black bear. Despite neighbors rushing to his aid and killing the bear, it was too late to save him.