Woman Missing for 7 Years Found ‘Screaming and Crying”

Inkster, Michigan – A missing woman from 2017 has been found and rescued from a motel room in Inkster, Michigan, after police responded to a tip reporting her location, according to authorities. The Michigan State Police received the tip on February 26, leading them to the Evergreen Motel in Inkster. Upon arriving at the scene, officers heard “screaming and crying” coming from one of the motel rooms, prompting them to forcibly enter and retrieve the woman.

The woman, whose identity has not been disclosed, did not have any physical injuries but was described as “pretty distraught” by Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw. Following her rescue, she was taken to a nearby hospital in Dearborn, Michigan, for treatment before reuniting with her family. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are currently under investigation.

During their search of the motel room, authorities discovered drugs, cell phones, and a firearm. A suspect has been identified, but no one is currently in custody, according to the Michigan State Police spokesperson.

The rescued woman, believed to be in her 30s, allegedly left her family voluntarily in 2017 when she was in her 20s and never returned. Police are now investigating whether human trafficking or domestic violence played a role in her disappearance.

The Evergreen Motel has declined to comment on the incident, and authorities continue their efforts to determine what occurred during the time the woman was reported missing.

It is essential to remember the importance of reporting missing persons and providing information to law enforcement agencies. Cases like these highlight the potential dangers that individuals may face when they disappear without a trace. The efforts of the Michigan State Police and the tipster who provided crucial information led to the successful rescue of the woman after years of being missing.

As the investigation continues, authorities and community members alike hope for a resolution that sheds light on the circumstances surrounding the woman’s disappearance in 2017.