Woman’s Pregnancy Terminated by Pharmacy Mistake

In Las Vegas, Nevada, a woman’s dream of expanding her family was tragically cut short when a local CVS pharmacy mistakenly gave her an abortion pill instead of the prescribed IVF hormones. The error resulted in the termination of her pregnancy, leaving her with nothing but an apology from the pharmacy.

Timika Thomas, a Las Vegas resident, had always dreamed of having a large family. However, her journey to motherhood was fraught with challenges. In her 30s, she faced difficulties in conceiving and had to undergo surgery to remove her fallopian tubes after two ectopic pregnancies. Despite the financial burden, Thomas and her husband decided to pursue in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to fulfill their dream of having another child.

After the IVF procedure, Thomas was sent home with prescriptions, including one intended to stimulate her body’s hormone production to support the pregnancy. However, a series of errors by two technicians and two pharmacists at her local CVS pharmacy led to a devastating mistake. Instead of the prescribed hormones, Thomas was given an abortion pill, which resulted in the termination of her pregnancy.

Upon experiencing severe cramping, Thomas checked the prescription bottle and discovered the error. “The first thing I read is it’s used for abortions,” she said. The mistake was traced back to a technician who incorrectly entered the generic name for the prescribed drug, and two pharmacists who failed to catch the error or counsel Thomas when she picked up her medication.

Following the incident, Thomas filed a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. The board held a hearing in September, during which Thomas gave a heart-wrenching testimony about her experience. As a result, the two pharmacists involved were fined, and their licenses were provisionally suspended. If they avoid further disciplinary action, pay their fines, and complete continuing education credits within the next 12 months, their licenses will be reinstated.

The pharmacy board also fined CVS the maximum amount allowed by statute — $10,000 — for its liability in the pharmacists’ error. CVS issued a statement apologizing to Thomas and emphasizing their commitment to patient safety. However, Thomas remains devastated by the loss, stating, “All I got was a sorry. It will never be good enough.”