Young Mom Hires Hitman for 3 Year-Old Son

Azmin Paez, 18, of Miami, experienced the consequences of using the internet for evil when she was arrested and charged on Tuesday for soliciting murder and using a communications device for unlawful use. The Miami, Florida, mother had contacted a fake hire-an-assassin website, ‘,’ to arrange the murder of her innocent 3-year-old son.

Police were alerted when Robert Innes, the website owner, reported Paez to the Miami-Dade police. Paez had entered and sent pictures of her child, describing the location of where he would be when the murder was to take place. After tracing the IP address associated with Paez’s request, detectives posed as the hitman Paez wanted to hire. According to arrest documents, Paez agreed to pay $3,000 for the murder and provided a fake name for herself and a code phrase, “put me in coach.” She also informed authorities that she wanted her son killed “to get something done once and for all.”

When the police went to the address Paez provided, they found the 3-year-old and his grandmother, who confirmed he was the child in the pictures supplied by Paez. Upon being brought to the police station, Paez confessed to the events and was released from jail on Thursday on a $15,000 bond stipulating that she had no contact with the child.

Paez is now one of at least 150 people arrested for attempting to hire an assassin using the website.