Zebra Attacks Man Nearly Dismembering His Arm, “I think he tore my arm off”

Ohio deputies responded to a call on Sunday evening in Circleville, OH. Ronald Clifton, 72 had just been severely attacked by a zebra.

When Clifton called 911 and reported the zebra attack, the dispatcher sounded shocked and asked Clifton to confirm that he was attacked by a zebra, to which he replied, “Oh hell yes.”

The zebra nearly dismembered Clifton’s arm. He told the dispatcher, “I think he tore my arm off…send a chopper.”

When officers arrived, they found Clifton lying on the ground, and his arm was bleeding below the elbow. A tourniquet was applied just below the shoulder, and two deputies managed to help the man get to an ambulance.

While one of the deputies tended to Clifton, the other reported that one of the workers on the property had instructed him to put down the zebra if necessary.

Moments later, it appeared the zebra was aggressive and, as captured on body camera footage, had taken steps to approach the deputy. As a warning and to protect himself, the officer shouted at the animal three times, but it did not back away.

In self-defense, the officer aimed a 12-gauge shotgun at the animal’s head and fired a slug.

The zebra was a male and had been defending the nearby five to six females. Clifton was taken to Grant Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.