2 Dead Bodies Found in Storage Unit

On March 29th, Leonid Volkov, 37, brutally took the lives of Kiryl Schukin, 37, and Pavel Vekshin, 28. Volkov stored the bodies in two large rubber bins in a Storage facility in Brighton, Massachusetts.

This fateful event struck grief and worry into the hearts of Schukin and Vekshin’s friends and co-workers, who filed a missing persons report days after the crime was committed. The police found the bodies after five days of searching on April 14.

According to reports, they died of multiple stab wounds. Schukin’s body was in pieces, and investigators stumbled upon discarded items such as rubber gloves and bleach when they peered into the storage unit.

A few months before the murders, he had been living in a Medford apartment that was due to be vacated. Schukin was initially Volkov’s guarantor on the apartment lease.

However, when the time came to extend the lease, Schukin would not provide the same services after Volkov did not keep up with the payments. As a result, Volkov and his wife and two children were evicted.

Surveillance footage also shows Volkov entering and leaving the victims’ building multiple times in the days after they were last seen alive. Later, Volkov was seen renting a U-Haul from a storage unit business, presumably where he had decided to stow away the corpses.

With a murder charge, Volkov is being held without bail. His next hearing in this double homicide case is on May 19. The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office and the Medford Police Department are still holding onto evidence discovered in the storage unit and continuing to seek justice for the victims and answers about what drove Volkov to such extremes.