3 Dead and 2 Police Officers Injured in New Mexico Mass Shooting

Farmington, New Mexico, was rocked by tragedy Monday morning when a gunman began shooting in the downtown Dustin Avenue area between Ute Street and Apache Street. Three people lost their lives, while two police officers were wounded in the incident.

Officers arrived on the scene and were able to subdue the shooter, who was subsequently shot and killed. The two wounded officers were taken to the hospital, where they are in stable condition.

The shooting occurred in a residential area, and local police, San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, and ATF agents all responded to the reports of gunfire. Community safety protocols, including placing local schools and medical centers on lockdown, were enacted but quickly ended with the disposition of the shooter. The Farmington Municipal Schools District declared no students or staff from the district had been harmed.

The details of the incident are still unfolding, and investigators are actively trying to uncover the reckless shooter’s identity, in addition to gathering information about the reason and other details of the tragedy.

The Farmington community is grieving for the lives lost and is in support of those affected by the horrible event. People across the city are mobilizing to help their neighbors, friends, and family members heal in the aftermath of the shooting and violence.

At this time, the shooting in Farmington is a terrifying and devastating reminder of the dangers of guns and a tragedy that no community should ever have to experience.