4 Teenage “Gilbert Goons” Members Arrested for the Brutal Murder of Local Boy

Queen Creek, Arizona – Four individuals have been charged in connection with the killing of 16-year-old Preston Lord, whose brutal beating shocked the community and raised concerns about the rise of teen violence in the area. On Wednesday, a Maricopa County grand jury indicted the suspects on charges including first-degree murder and kidnapping for the gang-style attack that took place at a Halloween party last October.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office confirmed that Talan Renner, Dominic Turner, and Talyn Vigil were taken into custody on Wednesday. William “Owen” Hines, who was already in custody on other charges, was also served with the indictment. Prosecutors anticipate more arrests and charges to follow in the case.

At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell described the indictments as a significant step towards justice for Preston Lord. Queen Creek Police Chief Randy Brice echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of bringing closure and accountability to Lord’s family.

Lord’s parents, Nick Lord and Autumn Curiel, expressed their gratitude to the community and law enforcement for their efforts in securing the arrests. They highlighted the collective responsibility in seeking justice and holding the perpetrators accountable for their son’s death.

The arrests come after a two-month investigation by Queen Creek police, who recommended charges against seven individuals involved in Lord’s attack. The case shed light on a gang called the “Gilbert Goons,” who were known for recording and sharing their violent attacks. Lord’s death sparked outrage and activism in the community, with demands for answers and accountability from both the police and politicians.

It is important to note that the charges brought against the four individuals are formal accusations, marking the beginning of the prosecution process. Authorities have spent months reviewing evidence, including thousands of pieces and videos, in order to build their case.

As the investigation progresses, community members hope that more victims will come forward, and that greater attention will be given to addressing the issue of youth violence. The arrests bring the community a step closer to finding closure, while also serving as a reminder of the need for parental supervision and responsibility in preventing such acts of violence.

The charges against the four suspects include first-degree murder, kidnapping, and aggravated robbery. The ongoing investigation may result in additional charges being filed against other individuals connected to the attack on Preston Lord.