8 People Dead After Shooting Near Tourist Destination

MEXICO CITY — A shooting in the Morelos state of Mexico over the weekend has left eight people dead, according to local authorities. The attack took place on Saturday in the municipality of Huitzilac, located near the capital city, Mexico City, and the tourist destination of Cuernavaca. Four individuals were killed at the scene, while four others died after being transported to the hospital, as reported by the Morelos prosecutor’s office. The victims ranged in age from 29 to 50, with one person yet to be identified.

The bodies of the eight victims have been transferred to forensic medical service facilities as the investigation into the shooting continues. Huitzilac, a mountainous township surrounded by forests, has been grappling with issues such as illegal logging, kidnapping, and drug-related violence due to its proximity to Mexico City. Mayor Rafael Vargas condemned the attack, describing it as a “terrible violent act” and calling for an end to the violence in the town.

Morelos, a popular vacation spot for Mexico City residents, shares a border with Guerrero state, a region known for its presence of drug cartels. Just last November, a confrontation between police and alleged criminals in Cuernavaca resulted in nine fatalities. The incident adds to Mexico’s alarming murder rate, with approximately 450,000 people having been killed nationwide since the government’s controversial anti-drug operation involving the military began in 2006.

As the investigation into the shooting in Huitzilac continues, local authorities are working to combat the ongoing violence and ensure the safety of its residents. The latest incident serves as a stark reminder of the security challenges faced by communities across Mexico.