Apple Employee Says She Was Targeted for Blowing the Whistle

( – Apple apparently has a growing problem among its employees over workplace conditions. In a company as large as Apple, there are bound to be employee issues, but this may be something more serious.

Last summer, over 500 employees started sharing their experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #AppleToo. They claimed the massive tech company allowed racism, sexism, and harassment to run rampant at every level of operations. In recent months, at least three employees filed charges against the company with the National Relations Labor Board (NLRB).

A former employee claims she encountered retaliation when she pushed for a better workplace environment. Janneke Parrish says Apple fired her and tried to intimidate employees to prevent them from organizing the social campaign that exposed employees’ workplace concerns. An Apple Maps product manager, she helped organize and establish the public campaign alongside her colleagues.

Before Apple terminated Parrish, she alleges that the company told her she was under investigation for supposedly leaking sensitive information about a town hall meeting involving Apple CEO Tim Cook. Parrish denied the allegation, but the company placed her on paid leave anyway.

Parrish filed a report with the NLRB. The former manager says she isn’t employed by the tech giant any longer. Apple claims it’s committed to fostering a positive and inclusive workforce. Company officials added that they take employee matters and concerns seriously.

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