Biden Administration Giving Money to Leftist Group to Help Illegal Aliens

( – The Biden administration’s failures at the southern border have led to countless people entering the country illegally. Instead of enacting policies and procedures to remove them, it appears the White House is funding organizations that work to keep them in the United States.

Open the Books, a watchdog group, reported the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contracted with the Vera Institute of Justice for $158 million to provide legal services to illegal immigrant minors who entered the US unaccompanied. The contract rose in value to $164 million in 2022 and could potentially reach $198.5 million by its expiration in March 2022.

Another report says the Department of Justice provided contracts to the same organization in the total amount of $36.8 million. These contracts also were for legal assistance to illegal immigrant children.

The Vera Institute is a nonprofit with deep political ties to the Left. The organization supports various progressive agendas, including lenient immigration policies and defunding the police. In an interesting twist involving US law, the institute found a way to use federal funds to provide legal assistance to a group that is not eligible for free legal representation because they are not citizens.

Supporting this group is effectively prioritizing people coming into the country illegally ahead of US citizens.

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