Clinton Lawyer Gave CIA Secret Info, Legal Filing Shows

( – The Russian collusion issue is still making news despite former President Donald Trump being out of office and investigations into his alleged misconduct turning up nothing. The latest episode in this saga comes from Special Counsel John Durham, whose probe is currently looking into the origins of the FBI’s investigation into allegations Russia tampered in the 2020 election. .

Durham filed a motion in federal court asking for an investigation into potential conflicts of interest involving the former Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton. He alleges Clinton’s former attorney Michael Sussmann obtained sensitive information from the Trump White House web servers through tech executive Rodney Joffe.

While Joffe faces no charges, he reportedly accessed the information by way of a federal contract, and his motives appear questionable. Associates of Joffe said he talked about helping the Clinton campaign and how he wanted to work for Hillary Clinton if she won the presidential election.

Durham’s allegations add to the others Sussmann faces, including criminal charges he currently faces over allegations he lied to the FBI. The filing also shows how hard the Clinton campaign appeared to work to discredit Donald Trump, despite no credible information linking him and Russia.

The former president has said he wants to see everyone involved in the collusion hoax prosecuted. With the evidence adding up against Clinton, will she continue to avoid any legal responsibility in this situation?

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