CNN President Jeff Zucker Resigns Over Inappropriate Relationship

( – During the Clinton presidency, conservatives labeled CNN the Clinton News Network for its favorable coverage of the Democratic president. Yet, it was 2016 that marked the fast-paced downfall of the once highly respected cable news network. Since former President Donald Trump left office more than a year ago, the network collapsed under the weight of left-wing propaganda, ongoing high-profile scandals, and steep declines in ratings.

On Wednesday, February 2, CNN top boss Jeff Zucker resigned in disgrace. For years, rumors circulated that Zucker was in a relationship with CNN’s chief marketing officer Allison Gollust. Both repeatedly denied they were romantically involved and failed to disclose their relationship to their employer as required by company policy.

While Zucker was married, Gollust moved into the same apartment building occupied by the Zuckers. In Katie Couric’s tell-all book, she wrote that the CNN boss’s wife got to know Gollust and was shell-shocked when she learned of the affair. It cost both of their marriages and now Zucker’s job.

In Zucker’s resignation letter, the disgraced former executive said company investigators asked about the alleged affair as part of the probe into Chris Cuomo’s failed tenure with the network. The head of CNN said he acknowledged the relationship with Gollust. Since he was required to disclose the romantic relationship and didn’t, Zucker said he was wrong and resigned.

CNN is currently going through a transition. AT&T is selling the flailing news network’s parent company, WarnerMedia, to Discovery. Once the deal closes, it’s unknown what changes Discovery will make to CNN, if any.

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