Dairy Store Discovers Man in Ceiling

NORMAN, Oklahoma – An unusual incident unfolded at a local Braum’s when a man decided to make the ceiling his resting place. On September 9th, employees arriving for their morning shift discovered that ceiling tiles were missing and broken at the Braum’s near Porter and Robinson. To their astonishment, they found Phillip Hickman, 41, lying on the steel beams of the ceiling, pretending to be asleep.

Norman police were called to the scene, where they tried to coax Hickman down from his peculiar hideout. Body camera footage captured their efforts to get his attention, with officers repeatedly calling for him to come down. Sarah Schettler, the Norman PD Public Information Officer, described it as “a little perplexing how he was able to make it so far without falling.”

The situation became so complicated that the Norman Fire Department had to use a ladder and tools to help Hickman down. Inside the store, Hickman emerged from the ceiling, covered in dust, having caused around $1,000 in damages to the store, including damaged ceiling tiles and bent frames.

Hickman was arrested on charges of breaking and entering and malicious injury to property. He did not steal anything from the store, and police believe his motive was simply finding a warm place to sleep. Hickman was cooperative with law enforcement during his arrest.

The mystery remains as to how Hickman managed to enter the building, as there were no signs of forced entry. Police are continuing their investigation into this bizarre incident.