Dentist Poisons His Wife and Mother of 6

Last weekend, investigators reported that a 45-year-old Colorado dentist, James Toliver Craig, is being charged with first-degree murder concerning the death of his 43-year-old wife, and mother of their six children.

Craig had driven his wife to a local hospital on Wednesday evening after she complained of severe headaches and dizziness. Once there, her condition quickly deteriorated, and she was placed in an intensive care unit on a ventilator. She was declared medically brain dead shortly after arriving.

The victim, who was not immediately identified, has since been revealed to be Angela, the mother of six children and the wife of Craig, as stated on the now-removed website for Craig’s Summerbrook Dental practice.

An investigation by police revealed that her sudden death had been caused by poison.

The arrest of Craig came as a shock to locals who had long been familiar with him as their dentist. People who had known Craig for years expressed disbelief and shock at the news.

Division Chief Mark Hildebrand of the Aurora Police Department stated that their team of officers and homicide detectives had worked tirelessly to uncover the truth of the victim’s sudden illness and death. He was proud of their hard work in solving the case and seeking justice for the victim.