Father Facetimes Mother While Choking Daughter to Death

A toddler’s life was lost in a senseless tragedy: the death of two-year-old Zevaya Marie Flanagan has left many hearts broken, clinging to memories while struggling with grief.

The girl’s father, Deontray Flanagan, allegedly killed her following an altercation with her mother in a Harris County Walmart Kairsten Watson, who worked there.

According to Watson, Flanagan physically attacked her, grabbing her phone and threatening to harm the child if she did not obey his demands.

After forcing her to give him her passcode, he took Zevaya and led police on an extensive half-hour chase in a desperate attempt to hide from authorities.

Reports indicate that Zevaya was injured and required CPR as a result. Watson stated that Flanagan had Facetimed her while choking his daughter, and she had begged him to stop, saying that Zevaya loved him. Although she was flown to a hospital, it was too late, and the girl succumbed to her injuries.

Shock and disbelief have been accompanied by outrage, as it was revealed that Watson had contacted authorities thrice, warning them of Flanagan’s abusive behavior toward her, but that she had received no assistance.

Now, Flanagan is charged with murder and held in jail with a $2 million bail. The tragedy has sparked a conversation on the importance of taking domestic violence seriously, providing better protection for victims, and encouraging better communication between those affected and law enforcement agencies. The death of Zevaya Marie Flanagan is a painful reminder of the potential harm that can come from inaction.