Gavin Newsom Admits He’s Worried About Recall Effort

( – For months, California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom expressed little concern over what he coined a partisan attempt to remove him from office. The recall petition has now gathered 2 million signatures, with only 1.5 million required, and the governor is singing a different tune.

For the first time, Newsom is expressing concern that he could get booted from office by voters over his draconian handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in the heavily blue state.

Newsom also claimed he would continue to fight for Californian values despite the recall. Last fall, however, the governor got caught violating his own order by not wearing a mask while dining at an expensive restaurant.

People are growing weary of tight restrictions; GOP-led states are beginning to loosen or remove pandemic restrictions entirely. Even some Democratic states are easing restrictions, but not California.

Apparently, nearly 2 million people don’t believe the governor’s actions represent California’s values. Once state officials verify the signatures, the recall election could be scheduled as early as late summer or early fall.

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