Hunter Biden’s Business Records Subpoenaed in 2019

( – In 2020, Republicans felt slighted when the media ignored stories about the Biden family’s potential business dealings with China. The self-imposed censorship occurred during the height of the presidential campaign, just days before the election. The media either ignored the story or tried to illegitimately debunk it.

Now, America is learning that the questions surrounding President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings were fair game.

An anti-corruption watchdog group found that, 17 months before the 2020 election, a grand jury subpoena was issued involving President Biden’s son and the Bank of China. Delaware US Attorney David C. Weiss requested documents from JPMorgan Chase on May 15, 2019. Federal authorities wanted to know about all international transactions involving Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s brother James, and their former business partners over the previous five years.

The subpoena was issued five weeks after Hunter Biden allegedly left a laptop containing a trove of incriminating material at a Delaware computer shop. While the investigation began in 2018, it was never disclosed before the election. This allowed liberal media outlets and tech companies to provide cover for Joe Biden by denying an investigation was underway and censoring a New York Post article exposing the potential wrongdoing by the Biden family just weeks before the election in October 2020.

After the election, Hunter acknowledged that he was under investigation by the government for tax fraud. The details of what exactly the government is looking at and the status of the investigation are unknown.

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