James O’Keefe Lawyers Move to Expose Leakers of Private Information

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Attorneys for Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe are concerned that the Department of Justice is selectively targeting journalists who are critical of the government.

Around 6 am on November 6, 10 FBI agents showed up at O’Keefe’s door. As they were ready to pound it in, the journalist allowed them inside the building where they handcuffed him and confiscated two phones looking for Ashley Biden’s allegedly lost diary. O’Keefe’s attorneys argue that the phone contains attorney-privileged conversations about lawsuits involving The New York Times, as well as sensitive private donor data.

The attorneys want to know who is leaking the private information on the phones since they are supposedly under the care of the FBI. They allege The New York Times published privileged legal compliance data that were on the phones.

The concerns go well beyond the leaks. Project Veritas is suing The New York Times in pending litigation. Were the reporters given sensitive and legally protected data and communications regarding the case? One must assume so, since the newspaper published parts of the phone records.

Why did the FBI raid O’Keefe? Over a year ago, the Project Veritas founder obtained the diary of the president’s daughter from a tipster who found it at Ashley’s former home. The company reached out to the Biden campaign to make them aware they had the diary, but the campaign refused to say if it belonged to Ashley.

Project Veritas called a number supposedly belonging to Biden’s daughter. The lady who answered hung up the phone. Project Veritas never published the contents of the diary. Instead, the company turned it over to law enforcement.

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