John Durham to Investigate Reason FBI Launched Fake Investigation Targeting Trump

( – Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign found itself in major trouble throughout the 2016 campaign cycle. In the summer of that year, the media reported that Clinton used a personal email address and compromised national security as secretary of state under President Barack Obama. To divert attention, Clinton reportedly authorized her campaign to concoct the Russian collusion scandal. The rest, as they say, is history.

After the government spent tens of millions of dollars investigating the allegations, the Mueller Report concluded there was no Russian collusion. Now, Special Counsel John Durham is three years into an investigation regarding the origins of the politicized probe that targeted future president Donald Trump.

There are a lot of questions swirling around Durham’s investigation. For example, will there be any criminal charges filed against those who opened the Trump collusion investigation inside the FBI for political instead of legal purposes? It appears that Durham is now investigating why the FBI looked into the debunked Russian collusion theory in the first place. The special counsel disagrees with Investigator General Michael Horwitz’s report that the FBI had a low threshold barrier for investigating Trump.

Durham has a lot to work with, including an extensive paper trail that could lead to Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s campaign paid for the fake Steele Dossier, which created false allegations that the FBI used to open its investigation against Trump. Yet, the FBI concealed the fact that a political campaign paid for the fake dossier to smear a political rival and weaponize it against Trump.

To date, a grand jury has indicted two Clinton campaign operatives for deceptively influencing the FBI’s investigation into the Russian collusion narrative.

Where does the investigation go from here?

Stay tuned.

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