Man Charged with Second-Degree Murder After Allegedly Shooting Roommate Over Unpaid Rent

Bradleyville, Missouri – An elderly man is facing a second-degree murder charge after allegedly shooting his roommate over unpaid rent. Charles Tinker, 80, reportedly shot Jon Lovelace, 52, at their home in Bradleyville, a small community in southern Missouri. Tinker claimed that Lovelace’s failure to contribute to the rent pushed him to the breaking point.

The Taney County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call on November 2 reporting a shooting. Deputies arrived at the scene to find Lovelace with a gunshot wound. Despite efforts to transport him to a trauma center, Lovelace was pronounced dead. Tinker was quickly identified as the shooter and was taken into custody while investigators seized a 9mm Ruger handgun.

The affidavit revealed that Tinker shot Lovelace in the stomach during an argument, as confirmed by a witness. Tinker admitted to consuming alcohol before the incident and was taken to the hospital for medical clearance before being released into the custody of the Taney County Jail. A search of the residence uncovered a handgun magazine with 9mm ammunition and spent shell casings.

Authorities stated that Tinker confessed to shooting Lovelace with the 9mm Ruger handgun. He claimed that Lovelace had threatened to kill him, prompting him to retrieve the firearm from his bedroom. Tinker fired two shots behind a vehicle to scare off another individual and then fired two additional shots at Lovelace. He admitted to aiming for the victim’s leg but was unsure of where he had actually shot him.

Tinker’s actions after the shooting raised further concerns. He did not provide aid to Lovelace, call 911, or check on his condition. During the investigation, Tinker revealed that Lovelace had not been contributing to the rent or other living expenses. He expressed frustration, stating that Lovelace had “pushed his buttons” and that he had reached his limit.

Tinker claimed that the situation had been escalating over time and that he shot Lovelace out of fear for his safety and anger. He admitted to consuming four shots of whiskey before the incident.

The case against Charles Tinker is ongoing, and he is currently being held in the Taney County Jail. The motive behind the shooting, coupled with Tinker’s alleged admission, will likely play a significant role in the legal proceedings.