Man Violently Stabs Girlfriend and Decapitates Her, All Because He Didn’t Get His Way

A birthday celebration turned deadly when a man from Alabama allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death during a fit of rage. The police claim the man wound up stabbing the woman more than one hundred times, during which she was beheaded.

It began on the night of October 21, when Justin Fields and his girlfriend Tammy Bailey spent the evening at a local bar in Springfield, AL, to celebrate his thirty-eighth birthday. They then returned home that evening.

As reported by, Blount County Sheriff Mark Moon described the situation before the stabbing, “He had a drink of brandy and then went into his bedroom and was playing guitar. He decided he wanted to have sex, so he went into her room and propositioned her.” However, Bailey refused Field’s sexual advances, and Fields became frustrated and severely aggravated.

According to reports, Fields then stabbed his girlfriend over 100 times with an 8-inch survival knife. He stabbed her so severely that her head was decapitated.

As reported by WVTM-TV, Moon said, “She was beheaded, and one of her lower limbs was cut almost completely off, it was just barely hanging on… we believe the very first blow, which was straight through the chest, through the heart, we believe that was a lethal blow,”

Afterward, Fields claims that he went to sleep and then blacked out and woke up thinking it was all a terrible nightmare. According to Moon he woke up and then stabbed her some more. reported that he eventually called his father, “Fields called his father and told him he had ‘done something horrible,’ and wanted to commit suicide. The father then called Bailey’s family member, who was also a neighbor.”

The family member came over to the house, but Fields would not let her inside. Moon did not want her to see what was in there; he told her she did not want to see what was inside. She ended up calling 911.

It was reported that when the deputy arrived at the crime scene on October 22. at about 5:30 pm, Fields was out front sitting on a step. Fields explained what he had done was horrifying. The deputy called for backup and handcuffed Fields.

The police then went inside and discovered Bailey’s dismembered body in her bedroom. She was found with her head near her feet, the police reported.

After Fields was arrested, investigators interviewed him twice. Moon shared with, “He admitted to my investigator everything he’d done, so he was stable enough to know what he was doing. He was frustrated because he didn’t get what he wanted.”

A group of three investigators with multiple years of experience described the gruesome scene as the “worst thing they’ve ever seen.”

According to jail records, Fields was charged with murder and also charged with the abuse of a corpse.