Neighbor Brutally Attacked Allegedly Over Parking Spot

A shocking video has surfaced showing two people, Arturo Cuevas (30) and Daisy Barrera (27), violently assaulting a neighbor in Queens following a dispute over a parking spot, as reported by The NY Post.

The victim, 28, suffered major brain trauma due to the attack, needing surgery and being placed on a ventilator. The 10-second clip shows a man kicking the victim multiple times and a woman hitting him with a baseball bat.

Five stab wounds were discovered on the victim, and the pair was charged with attempted murder in the second degree in addition to assault in the first and second degrees.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said that the defendants had been remanded to jail and are due to appear in court on March 23. Cuevas has prior charges of assault and harassment from April 4 and 11 of 2022, while Barrera has no prior arrests.