Ohio Man Sentenced to Over a Decade in Prison for Kidnapping and Torture

A 31-year-old man from Ohio, Dalontay R. Edmond-Geiger, has been sentenced to 16 to 20 years in prison for the horrifying kidnapping, assault, and torture of a 60-year-old woman. The victim miraculously survived the ordeal, enduring severe beatings, stabbings, and confinement in a small plastic container. The sentencing follows Edmond-Geiger’s guilty plea to charges including kidnapping and felonious assault.

The court hearing included testimony from Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Bringman, who characterized the crimes as “cruel, barbaric, and disturbing.” He highlighted the callousness with which Edmond-Geiger treated the victim, citing a chilling moment captured on bodycam footage where he casually revealed her location. Judge Hollie Lauren Gallagher, shocked by the severity of the offenses, remarked that she had never encountered a case like this in her nearly 20-year career.

The victim, who had a prior acquaintance with Edmond-Geiger, addressed the court remotely, emphasizing her refusal to see herself as a victim and her determination to continue living. The incident came to light when Cleveland Police responded to a call reporting a tied-up woman in the basement of a residence. The victim was found motionless inside a plastic container, unconscious with multiple head fractures.

This disturbing case is a reminder of the brutal realities some individuals face. The sentence handed down to Edmond-Geiger aims to provide justice for the victim and hold the perpetrator accountable for his heinous actions.