Pelosi to Recall Lawmakers In Attempt to Pass $3.5 Trillion Spending Package

( – Early Wednesday morning, August 11, Senate Democrats voted to begin the painful process of passing President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion liberal transformation of American infrastructure. Don’t believe it’s transformational? That’s how Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) described the largest spending proposal in US history that would expand social programs, usher in parts of the Green New Deal, change healthcare and Medicare, and more.

The Democrats’ go-it-alone bill is already in dire straits as moderate Senators are rebuffing the proposal. In the Senate, it only takes one Democrat to kill the legislation, and right now, the Left doesn’t have the votes.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) is struggling with another predicament. She’s calling back the House a month early to vote on a potential Senate reconciliation bill that might not come to fruition. Never mind that pesky reality. The Speaker will do whatever she thinks is necessary to pass the Left’s agenda.

With only four votes to spare, Republicans plan to attack vulnerable moderates hard and heavy with negative advertisements. Politicians, above all else, don’t like to lose elections. This infrastructure bill threatens many moderates’ political aspirations. A top Democratic aide said the party expects the summer to be long, hot, and painful. Some think Pelosi’s recalling her members a month early to protect Democrats from their constituents at home.

Whatever the reason, she’ll do whatever she can to get the Left’s dream to become a reality.

Let’s offer her best wishes as the Republicans force moderates to decide between their ambitions and party loyalty.

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