Pregnant Woman Shot Multiple Times by Walgreens Employee

Nashville, TN – A pregnant woman was shot several times by an armed Walgreens employee last year after being accused of stealing lipstick, according to a new lawsuit. Travonsha L. Ferguson, 25, was shot on April 12, 2023, in the parking lot of the Walgreens store on Gallatin Road. The incident occurred when the employee aggressively confronted Ferguson and her friend about the alleged theft, resulting in Ferguson spraying the employee with mace in self-defense. As a result of the shooting, Ferguson underwent an emergency cesarean section to deliver her baby prematurely. The child survived, but now suffers from a heart defect, while the mother requires a colostomy bag.

The employee responsible for the shooting was subsequently terminated, but he was not charged with a crime as he claimed self-defense. Ferguson’s attorney argued that it would have been impossible for the employee to shoot accurately seven times after being maced. The attorney also noted that the mace was sprayed when the employee confronted the women, causing them to react in self-defense.

The incident unfolded when another employee alerted the store team leader of the alleged theft. He then proceeded to record the women on his cellphone and followed them outside the store. He confronted the women as they were loading items into their car trunk and claims to have been sprayed with mace before firing his weapon.

Ferguson was charged with assault and theft, while her friend left her at the hospital and drove away. Ferguson’s attorney argued that regardless of the shoplifting accusation, the employee’s actions were negligent and in violation of company policy. The attorney emphasized that Walgreens should be held accountable if the employee was not adequately trained.

The mother of the victim expressed her frustration, stating that her daughter did not deserve to be shot multiple times. Walgreens released a statement after the incident, affirming their commitment to the safety of their customers and team members.