Ron Klain Expected to Keep His Job After a Disastrous First Year

( – To say that President Joe Biden’s first year in office was a colossal failure may be an understatement. On issues of illegal immigration, energy, Afghanistan, the economy, inflation, and pushing far-left radical legislation after touting himself a moderate in 2020, it’s a wonder things didn’t collapse even further for the president. To make matters worse, some legal experts say he’s the most lawless president in recent history as the Supreme Court continues to knock down one Biden rule after another.

So, who’s behind Biden?

Ron Klain is the president’s longtime friend and confidant. He worked with Biden during some of his years in the Senate, served as Biden’s chief of staff when he was vice president, and is now the White House chief of staff. Some Democrats behind the scenes suggest that Biden should fire Klain over his ineptness. They blame Klain for his role in losing Sens. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) as Biden’s Build Back Better, voter reform, and filibuster carve out proposals failed to pass the Senate.

Many Washington insiders consider Klain to be the most powerful and influential White House chief of staff in a long time. Still, he may be responsible for much of the damage to Biden’s political downfall as Democrats divided against the two centrists. Manchin is said privately to still be furious about the White House attacks against him in December, and it’s widely known that Klain messed up the negotiations with Manchin.

Under any other administration, there would be a lot of house cleaning after a disastrous year like 2021. It appears Biden is willing to stay the course, but at what cost to his political capital, reputation, and harm to the country?

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