RT Gushes Over Tucker Carlson, Suggests He Interview Putin

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Over the last year, Fox News host Tucker Carlson made comments that some interpreted as overly friendly to Russia and President Vladimir Putin. Despite such allegations, Carlson denies the criticisms.

The popular conservative news host made the case that if Russia or China attempted to gain a footing in Cuba or Mexico, the US would be very unhappy about it. He questioned why Russia would feel any different about NATO in their own backyard.

On Wednesday, February 16, Russia Today’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan praised Carlson. She stated that Putin should grant the American journalist an interview to discuss the geopolitical situation unfolding between Russia, Ukraine, and the West. The program aired a translated clip of Carlson and Army Col. Doug MacGregor (Ret.). MacGregor argued that Russia had a legitimate security interest in Ukraine, to which Carlson nodded in agreement.

Simonyan said Tucker was wonderful and had the most comprehensive understanding of what was occurring. She said it would be amazing if Carlson and Putin talked.

Carlson’s commentary hasn’t gone without criticism in the United States. Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) ripped into Tucker Carlson after MSNBC host Medhi Hasan alleged that Carlson and Fox News were trying to interview Putin. Cicilline stated that it wasn’t just a frustrating development, it was un-American.

There is currently no concrete suggestion that Carlson is actively trying to interview the Russian president. In 2021, the Fox News host did try to secure a talk with Putin, but it fell through after NSA surveillance found conversations about a potential interview. Carlson claimed the NSA was spying on him illegally at the time.

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