Several States Push to Investigate Possible Election Fraud

( – A growing number of Republican-led states are pushing for investigations into the 2020 election. As allegations of voter fraud persist, lawmakers want to reassure the public they can trust election results moving forward. Some are pushing for hand recounts. Among the core concerns are voting machines manufactured and maintained by Dominion Voting Systems.

In Michigan, Atrium County election officials are signaling they will not use Dominion machines until they are tested and reviewed. The machines currently remain uncertified following a forensic review in December. Officials say they will be counting the primary election results in May by hand.

In Stark County, Ohio, the Board of Supervisors voted to replace Dominion machines with those of a competitor. Election officials say the public outcry over Dominion machines outweighed other concerns.

In Arizona, the state Senate said hand recounts of the 2.1 million ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election were completed. The state is planning a comprehensive expert audit of the machines to ensure they are reliable for the May primaries.

Concerns about election fraud in the future are of the utmost concern. With any luck, these investigations and audits will get to the bottom of any outstanding issues.

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