Ten Democrats Betray Biden on Key Policy

(TheDailyHorn.com) – In early April, the Biden administration announced it planned to scrap a Trump-era pandemic program. Title 42 allows Border Patrol agents to immediately turn away illegal immigrants to protect the country from COVID-19. By announcing the end of Title 42 effective May 23, the administration is essentially saying the pandemic is over — at least for illegal immigrants.

Now, some lawmakers in the Democratic Party are expressing deep reservations and opposition to Biden’s plan as conditions at the southern border deteriorate. The administration itself acknowledges illegal immigrants will flood the southern border as a result of the termination of the program.

On Tuesday, April 19, Fox News reported that 10 Democrats sided with Republicans and flipped on the president over the revocation of Title 42. The list includes the names of vulnerable lawmakers up for re-election and southern border-elected Democrats. One of them, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), said communities in her state bear the burden of the administration’s failure. She said the administration should work with local leaders, law enforcement, and nonprofits to create a sustainable and comprehensive plan before lifting Title 42.

On Tuesday evening, Axios reported that the Biden administration was considering delaying its repeal of Title 42. Here’s Biden’s problem. If he doesn’t postpone or rescind the order to terminate Title 42, he could cost Democrats the election. If he does, he will inflame the passions of the far-left progressive base.

Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

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