Tom Cotton Goes After Joe Biden’s Insane Border Crisis

( – Over 100,000 migrants entered the United States illegally in February alone, just weeks after President Joe Biden assumed office. One GOP Senator has blamed Biden for unwinding former President Trump’s policies and effectively issuing an open invitation to overrun the southern border.

On Wednesday, March 31, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared on Newsmax to discuss the situation. Cotton says the problem has moved past the point of crisis and rounded the corner toward insanity.

Cotton suggests that anyone who’s a minor, parent, or guardian can illegally cross the Mexican border into the United States and remain in the country. He added that human traffickers and smugglers know precisely how to exploit migrants for massive profits.

Cotton believes the Border Patrol knows of four dozen countries that people are coming to the US illegally. The Senator said the president needs to tell the world to stop coming and communicate to aspiring illegal immigrants that the US government is prepared to send them right back to their country of origin.

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