Top Black Lives Matter Official Calls For Investigation Into Cofounder

( – The co-founder of the Blacks Lives Matter organization is coming under intense scrutiny once again, and Patrisse Khan-Cullors is no stranger to controversy.

Last summer, former President Trump said the group’s symbol was one of hate. Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany cited sayings from the group like “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” fueling concerns that BLM is a hate group.

On its website, the organization says it’s fighting for freedom, liberation, and justice. Additionally, it’s demanding an end to white supremacy. However, new revelations surrounding the group’s co-founder are creating concerns among some in the black community that Khan-Cullors is undercutting her message and contradicting the BLM aims.

Self-Professed Marxist Buys Expensive Property

Last summer, BLM raked in tens of millions of dollars from 18 corporations. Not long after, Cullors and her husband bought a custom ranch on 3.2 acres of rural land in Conyers, GA. It includes a private airplane hangar and an indoor swimming pool. Additionally, they also bought a $510,000 home in Inglewood, CA, to complement the $590,000 home they purchased in South Los Angeles in 2018.

According to the New York Post, Khan-Cullors is also looking to buy property in the Bahamas, next to Justin Timberlake.

The striking part of this spending spree is that Khan-Cullors said in 2015 that she was a trained Marxist and that the movement’s ideological bent is informed by socialism.

Calls Grow for an Investigation

Some prominent Black Lives Matter organization members are calling for an investigation in light of the new revelations. Hawk Newsom is the head of BLM in Greater New York City. He said that if you call yourself a socialist, “you have to ask how much of [her] own personal money is going to charitable causes.” He added that the Khan-Cullors’ behavior is casting doubt on the “validity of the movement.”

The head of New York BLM, John Nolte, went even further and called Khan-Cullors a supposed Marxist who encourages people to destroy their neighborhoods and take money from sucker corporations to buy four homes in predominantly white areas.

It appears that BLM may be a great racket. The question is, did Khan-Cullors do anything illegal? Not according to the BLM organization, which defended her in an April 13 statement. It accused the right-wing of manufacturing this growing crisis.

That’s right. The right-wing forced Khan-Cullors to spend millions of dollars buying fancy homes in non-black communities.

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