Trump Says McConnell Is Caving on Debt Ceiling

( – On Wednesday, October 6, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (K-KY) threw Democrats a temporary lifeline proposal. On Thursday morning, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and McConnell announced they had agreed on a short-term debt ceiling increase. The deal increases the limit by $480 billion, delaying a potential default until approximately December 3. After the announcement on Wednesday, former President Donald Trump declared that McConnell had surrendered to the Democrats.

For months, McConnell said that if Democrats wanted to raise the debt ceiling, they would need to do it on their own through their partisan reconciliation package. Republicans argued that if Democrats want to pass a semi-socialist and radical climate bill, they can also pay for the debt.

Democrats refused to go along with this idea. Schumer suggested last week that it was too late to include it in their reconciliation package. Now that McConnell has given him a lifeline to extend it on his own, Schumer’s excuse is off the table.

In a statement released through Trump’s PAC, the former president said it appeared that the minority leader caved once again to the Democrats. Trump said McConnell had all the cards and didn’t play them.

Come early December, we’ll see what happens if Democrats call McConnell’s bluff. In the meantime, 11 Republicans, including McConnell voted with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling through early December.

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