Trump Tells Supporters It’s Time to Boycott Woke Businesses

( – Boycotts enjoy a long history in the United States. In the olden days, activists used them to try to force companies to change or influence a policy or cause. In more recent years, several companies have used them to make political statements. In 2018, numerous companies boycotted the National Rifle Association (NRA) by taking away discounts, offers, or benefits for NRA supporters. In 2019 and 2020, Twitter boycotted then-President Donald Trump by censoring him and ultimately banning him from their platform.

So, is it really a surprise that the former commander in chief is calling for a conservative boycott of woke businesses? On Monday, November 8, Trump spoke at a Republican fundraiser held by the National Republicans Congressional Committee. He told those in attendance that conservatives ought to stop buying products and services from companies that don’t buy into conservative policies or respect right-leaning voters.

Some claim Trump is calling to cancel business, but there is a vast difference between a boycott and cancel culture. A boycott occurs when individuals or organizations refuse to patronize a commercial business for as long as it continues an objectionable practice. Cancel culture is an entirely different beast. Those who practice cancel culture use it to permanently cut off financial opportunities for things that occurred in an individual’s past. These could be accidental actions or something that was not considered objectionable in the past. Cancel culture doesn’t address unacceptable behavior while it’s happening. It’s a form of permanent punishment.

With that in mind, perhaps Trump wasn’t boycotted by social media. Perhaps he was canceled?

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