Woman Killed by Mosquito Bite

A young, 21-year-old pilot in training, Oriana Pepper, was bitten by a mosquito in early July.  After being bitten, she contracted an infection that quickly moved into her brain. She was first given antibiotics at the hospital and then sent home, but collapsed two days later.

Her boyfriend, James Hall, rushed her to the hospital, but by then it was too late, the infection had spread to her brain, and she passed away on July 12, 2022.  As reported by The Sun, Hall said that after arriving in Belgium for training, they both had received several mosquito bites, but according to the locals in the vicinity, it was “normal for the area and time of year.”

Pepper ended up losing her life from the severe infection caused by the mosquito.  The official cause of death was septic emboli in the brain.

The bite was near her eye and forehead and caused swelling redness and swelling.  According to a statement from Nigel Parsley, a senior coroner explained in the inquiry that the woman died “as a result of a serious infection caused by an insect bite to the forehead….”I’ve never seen a case like this before.”

Tristan and Luisa Pepper described how their daughter loved flying, the sky was her office.  Pepper was already getting closer to her dreams, she had already passed the theoretical exams in Oxford, England. She was in Belgium continuing her training when encountering a mosquito cut her life short.