Woman’s Mid-Flight Outburst Causes Chaos on Frontier Airlines Flight

DALLAS, TEXAS – A Frontier Airlines flight from Houston to Denver turned into a chaotic scene as a woman on board began screaming and yelling, prompting one passenger to start preaching in the aisle. The incident, which took place on Frontier Airlines flight 1161 on November 16, was captured on video by a fellow passenger. The footage shows the unidentified woman being restrained by members of the flight crew, ultimately leading to the plane being diverted to Dallas.

During her mid-flight outburst, the woman attempted to jump over several seats on the plane, despite being held back by the flight crew. At one point, she even hit another individual. A flight attendant pleaded with passengers over the cabin’s PA system to take their seats as the situation escalated.

As the woman continued to resist restraint, another passenger took it upon themselves to address the situation. In the video, an unidentified woman is seen preaching to fellow passengers from the aisle, suggesting that the disruptive behavior was the result of possession. “This does not happen for no reason… there’s a real devil that wants to kill each and every one of y’all, including your family members,” she passionately stated. “That’s not her. She’s possessed and she needs help.”

Once the aircraft landed in Dallas, law enforcement officials took the unruly woman into custody. The Federal Aviation Administration provided a statement regarding the incident, confirming that the flight had safely landed and the situation was brought under control. The flight had departed from William P. Hobby Airport in Houston and was originally bound for Denver International Airport.

The disruptive incident on the Frontier Airlines flight highlights the challenges faced by flight crews in maintaining order and ensuring the safety of passengers. Acts of disruptive behavior on airplanes have become a concern in recent years, leading to increased scrutiny and potential legal consequences for those involved.

As of now, no further details or information regarding the identity or motive of the disruptive passenger have been released. Authorities are continuing their investigation into the incident.