Disabled Child Forced to Sit Out in the Cold for Not Wearing a Mask

(TheDailyHorn.com) – Not long ago, the standards for child abuse were more or less set in stone, but it now seems they’re highly subjective. If a student fails to follow strict protocols, they could find themselves shivering, and in some instances, they may not be doing anything wrong at all. In Austria, some teachers force children to sit outside in freezing weather if they violate a draconian COVID-19 rule.

Recently, a 9-year-old disabled boy was issued a legitimate mask exemption. Still, that didn’t matter to one teacher who sent the child to sit outside in 30-degree weather to take a test as punishment for not wearing his mask in the classroom.

If you think penalties like this only exist in Austria, think again. It’s happening in the United States as well. In Alexandria, Virginia, kids endured a mask and snack break outside in the cold. In Portland, Oregon, teachers forced kids to sit outside in freezing temperatures to eat their lunch while sitting on buckets.

Boston Public Schools mandated elementary schools to keep windows open at least four inches to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection. The school district instructed parents to dress their kids well as they’ll endure freezing temperatures all day long in the classroom.

So, it appears that adults have lost their minds. So much for looking out for the best interests of the kids. Is this a way for teachers to force parents to keep kids home?

One has to wonder.

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