Scam Call Leads to Tragic Killing of Uber Driver

Clark County, Ohio – A tragic incident unfolded in South Charleston, Ohio, when an Uber driver, 61-year-old Loletha Hall, was fatally shot three times by an 81-year-old resident, William Brock, in what police believe was a scam call that led to Hall’s death and a murder charge for Brock.

The quiet town of South Charleston, Ohio, was rocked by a shocking crime as Uber driver Loletha Hall met a tragic end when she was allegedly shot multiple times by 81-year-old William Brock. The incident, which unfolded in front of Brock’s home, is believed to be linked to a scam call that deceived both Hall and Brock, ultimately resulting in devastating consequences.

According to Clark County Sheriff’s Office reports, William Brock was apprehended on April 10 and charged with first-degree felony murder after turning himself in to authorities. The arrest came following an investigation into the incident that occurred over a week prior. While facing the murder charge, Brock may still face additional charges as the police continue their inquiry.

The events took place on March 25 when Hall, an experienced Uber driver with almost a decade of service, arrived at Brock’s residence. Authorities stress that Hall was unarmed and posed no threat or harm. Dashcam footage from Hall’s vehicle reveals her approach to Brock’s home, her interaction with him, and her subsequent attempt to depart. However, Brock closely trailed her, brandishing a .22 caliber revolver and depriving her of her phone to prevent her from making any calls for help.

The investigation revealed that Uber had assigned Hall to collect a package from Brock’s house, unaware that it was part of a fraudulent scheme. The same scammer or an accomplice had also contacted Brock that morning, falsely demanding money in connection with an incarcerated relative. Unaware of the circumstances, Hall made contact with Brock, but no demands were made. She simply inquired about the package. Brock, however, became increasingly fixated on her identity, seizing her phone and refusing to let her leave.

In a harrowing turn of events, Hall attempted to flee by re-entering her vehicle. It was at this moment that Brock shot her, resulting in injuries. Following a struggle at the door of Hall’s vehicle, Brock shot her twice more, according to the incident report. Only after this violent altercation did Brock finally contact emergency services.

During a subsequent 911 call, Brock informed the dispatcher that a “Black woman” had approached his home and that he had been receiving “threatening phone calls.” Although the caller claimed they would kill him, Brock dismissed the threats as idle talk aimed at extorting money. Yet, when asked by the dispatcher if he shot Hall that day, Brock admitted to the act, stating he shot her first in the leg and then in the shoulder. Investigators later discovered that Hall had been shot three times, while Brock sustained injuries to his ear and head.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating scam calls targeting Ohio residents and urging extreme caution, particularly among older individuals. Authorities emphasize that no legitimate law enforcement agency or official will ever collect bail or solicit funds in this manner.

As Ohio officials delve deeper into the investigation of the tragic shooting, the accused William Brock now faces the possibility of up to 15 years in prison for the alleged murder of Uber driver Loletha Hall. With Brock having been released on bond, his next court appearance is scheduled for April 22.