Top Republican’s Account Censored

( – Controversy continues to swirl around Big Tech companies who censor conservatives over opinions that reportedly differ from those of the companies.

On Saturday, Twitter suspended conservative Rep. Jim Banks’s (R-IN) Twitter account over an alleged violation of Twitter’s hate speech policy. The Indiana conservative referred to Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine as a man. Levine became the first openly transgender person commissioned as a four-star officer in the US Public Health Service and self-identifies as a she.

Twitter said it suspended Banks’s account for violating its Hateful Conduct Policy, which states hateful conduct includes targeting transgender individuals. In order to regain access to his account, Twitter said Banks must delete the tweet, but the Congressman is standing by his post. On his personal Twitter account, the Indiana Congressman said his tweet was a statement of fact, not a targeted tweet. He warned that if Twitter can cancel him, they can do it to anyone.

There is much debate about the role of Big Tech. Some argue it’s a modern-day public square and therefore can’t censor voices simply because it disagrees with them. No one has tested the theory in court, but that’s about to change. In August, former President Donald Trump sued Twitter, Facebook, and Google and invited others censured to join him in a class-action suit.

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