Woman Kills Home Intruder Who Broke Into Her Bedroom

Florida woman shoots, kills man who broke into her bedroom, police say – Fox News

A resident at 1639 Flagler Drive reported that an intruder had entered her residence and a struggle and attack ensued. She was able to retrieve a gun and shoot the intruder, who died from the gunshot.

The resident woke up to find a man in her room. The man continued to attack her, at which point she used her gun to defend herself and killed him.

The intruder is identified as Justin William Wright, and officials later realized that he was her neighbor. The victim was asleep in her home when she was attacked.

The victim’s injuries are consistent with an attack, and the suspects were considered to be well known to one another. Investigations are still going on to determine the motivation of the attack and the purpose of the invasion.

The 911 dispatcher was on the phone with the victim during the attack. Police will be reviewing the tape of the call to determine additional details of the attack.

Wright has no criminal history in the local area of the invasion.

Officials claim that the intruder was shot by the resident in self-defense. The suspect was not wearing a gun, and the police are not aware of any weapons that he carried into the home.

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